Our Drum Courses

Level 1

Understanding of crotchet, quaver and semiquaver notation.

Basic rock grooves 8th and 16th including short and full bar drum fills. Mixing to create 5-10 minute pieces work on 4,8 and 12 bar loops.

Reading on Stave 4/4,2/4 and reading up to to Grade 2 Rockschool

Teacher guidebooks. Rockschool Debut, Grade 1 and Grade 2. Practical Percussion and Fresh Approach to Drum Set

Level 2

Re cap Level 1

Increase reading vocabulary from Scales in Agostini and apply as fills ( Gammes 1 and 2 )

Additional bass drum patterns to grooves.

Shuffle and half time shuffle grooves applying basic Agostini patterns ( Gammes 3 and 4 ) as fills and apply in 4, 8 and 12 bars.

Sight reading up to Grade 4

Teacher Guide Books. Fresh approach to Drum Set, Practical Percussion, Agostini Book 2, Rockschool 3 and 4.

Level 3

Recap Level 2

Short and full bar phrases in swung and straight time.

Syncopated Snare and Bass drum parts in grooves.

Reggae 1 and 4 Drop including fills finishing in appropriate part

Texas and Implied Shuffle. Adding previous phrases .

Gammes 5,6,7,8.

Reading to Grade 6.


Teacher Guide Books. Agostini, Fresh Approach, Practical Percussion, Chaffee for Fat Back and Shuffle. Rockschool 5 and 6.

Level 4

Recap previous.

Swing straight, semi and broken time. ( Chaffee )

Linear phrasing swung and straight time . ( Agostini )

Double Pedal Basic technique ( RW Work Sheets )

Reading up to Grade 8

Basic Brush Technique

Teacher Study Guides   Agostini, Chaffee, Art of Bop Drumming, RW Work Sheets,  Rockschool 7 and 8.

Level 5

Music of New Orleans ( RW Work Sheets )

Phrasing 5 and 7s ( Agostini, RW Sheets )

4 way independence Afro Cuban ( Afro Cuban patterns for Drum Set )

Double Pedal and Metal techniques ( RW Sheets )

Swing- previous, hi hat displacement. ( Advanced bop drumming, chaffee)

1,2 and 4 bar phrasing solos ( Agostini gammes and interpretation )

Reading and playing show charts ( D Hassell, other material ie Cats, Lion King etc )

Advanced Brush Technique ( Art of Drumming, Thigpin , Phily Joe Jones ) 

Teacher Book Guide Agostini, Chaffee, Afro Cuban Drum Set, Beyond Bop Drumming, Graded Course for Drum Set , Thigpen Book, RW Sheets.

Level 6

Afro Cuban 2- mix all previous concepts as one pice . Fuse Styles.

Samba - ( Focesca )

Solo development

Player studies and influence.

Advanced Studio technique.

Metric Modulation.

Techer Book Guides – RW Player sheets, Agostini, Brazilian Patterns for Drum Set. Chaffee- Time Functioning, Chaffe – Rhty, and Meter, Harrison – Drum Set Illusions.

ALL LEVEL 5 and LEVEL 6 individual tasks can be offered as 10 week courses.