Istanbul Agop 17″ Xist Dark Crash Cymbal IXIONDC17

Istanbul Agop 17″ Xist Dark Crash Cymbal IXIONDC17



There is no bull when it comes to Istanbul Agop Cymbals, These are the genuine 100% Turkish made cymbals hand crafted by the loving hands of true craftsmen. 

A darker, drier take on the Xist Ion Series, the Ion Dark crash has a darker attack with a more quick decay. Remarkably versatile.

Through a combination of modern and traditional manufacturing techniques, Xist Agop cymbals produce a hybrid sound that is characteristically warm and full bodied. The moderate overtones make them suitable for both recording and live situations. Istanbul Cymbals are renowned for being manually shaped by hammer wielding cymbal smiths who painstakingly craft each cymbal to perfection. The cymbals have a consistent performance that can be relied on by students and professionals alike.