Starter Drum Kit GEWA Basix Dynamic two 22”

Starter Drum Kit GEWA Basix Dynamic two 22”



The perfect way to start playing the Drums. This bigenners drum kit gives you all you need to start playing the drums today and suits all ages of playing from 10 years old and up. 

This starter drum kit set up of 22x16” bass drum, 10x7”, 12x8” rack toms, 14x12” floor tom and 14x5” snare drum which includes 13” Hi hat cymbals and a 15” crash ride cymbal. With the bigger bass drum and snare you get a bigger sound from the drum kit.

All hardware is included with this starter drum kit and is high quality double braced chrome.

1 - Hi-hat stand.

1 - Snare drum stand

1 - Cymbal stand

1 - Bass drum pedal

1 - Drummer stool

We even give  you a pair of drum sticks so you can play drums straight away!