PDP Pacific Concept Maple Shell 7 Piece Drum Kit (Shells Only) | BW Drum Shop

PDP Pacific Concept CM7 Pearlescent White 7 Piece Drum Kit Inc Hardware



The PDP Pacific Concept CM7 Maple Shell 7 Piece Drum Kit is designed by DW in the USA.


  • 22x18
  • 8x7
  • 10x8,
  • 12x9
  • 14x12 ft
  • 16x14 ft
  • 14x5.5 Snare Drum


  • Dual Turret Lugs.
  • Die Cast hooks. 
  • Mag Snare Throw Off.
  • 7 Ply Tom and Kick shells.
  • 10 Ply Snare Drum Shells.
  • Maple.
  • Based on the DW Custom Shop Series Drums but at an affordable price.
  • The STM tom mount is a great design.
  • Puresound type Snare Wires 
  • Hardware set: HHC00, PDCSC00, CBC00, SSC00,

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