PDP BY DW Bass Drum Pedal Concept PDSPCXF

PDP BY DW Bass Drum Pedal Concept PDSPCXF




  • Single Pedal
  • Double chain
  • XF (xtended footboard 270 mm) aluminium foot board
  • Aluminium base plate with anti-slip rubber
  • Mass optimized centrical power wheel
  • DW spring unit
  • Two way PDP beater with memory lock
  • Side fixing screw
  • Pedal plate hinge with needle bearing
  • Precision shaft made of stainless steel
  • Adjustable beater angle

As a brand of Drum Workshop Inc,, whose products are the standard in the field of drums, pedals and hardware, Pacific Drums & Percussion (PDP) offers drums, pedals and hardware in perfected series production for new user as well as professional musicians. PDP was found in 2000 to offer every drummer quality drums in

proven range. While many products of the Drum Workshop have to be compiled individually by the drummer himself, DW wants to meet with PDP by DW the drummer who likes to make his own choice from selected combinations.