Gretsch USA 14”x4.25 Gergo Borlai Signature Snare Drum

Gretsch USA 14”x4.25 Gergo Borlai Signature Snare Drum



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Drum Phenom Gergo Borlai and Gretsch teamed up to develop a very unique addition to the USA metal snare collection. Together, they created what Gergo describes as a “sensitive, multifunctional, loud, and limitless” snare drum.

The key elements included a 4.25x14” 1.2mm brass shell, 45 degree bearing edges, 20-strand snare wires and 4mm Die Cast hoops, making this instrument one of the more distinctive in the Gretsch snare drum assortment. The shell’s surface is finished with an applied sand blast texture for a unique look and tighter overall sound.

A Lightning throw-off™, Gretsch Permatone® Control Sound head by Remo USA® and an inside identification label specifies the year of production and is signed by Gergo Borlai rounds off this one-of-a-kind snare drum.

  • 1 mm brass shell
  • Sandblasted surface
  • 45° bearing edge
  • Die cast hoops
  • 8 Mini-lugs
  • Lightning throw-off
  • Remo heads
  • Made in USA